Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where, oh where, has my little dog gone?

Adventure! Our next-door RV neighbor pulled out of his space this morning, not realizing one of his weiner dogs had gotten out of the truck while he wasn't looking. I peeped out the window to watch him going and saw the little dog trying to follow. I went out, grabbed the doggie, and waved frantically to no avail. The trailer turned the corner onto the main road where he couldn't see us. Keith and I jumped in the car without coats or drivers' license, me holding a trembling, bewildered dachshund, who was looking at me very suspiciously, and raced down the road in hot pursuit. We went several miles before we could get close enough to the 5th wheel to begin flashing our lights. The driver did see us, finally, and pulled his RV over. He was so surprised and happy to see his little friend, who he hadn't yet noticed was missing. Happy ending!

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