Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in Strasburg

 Every year the people of Strasburg Colorado get together and put on a community Christmas celebration. The do this without a mayor or a city council, just a lot of co-operation amongst the townsfolk and business owners. Last night we experienced this communal effort. The KOA was thoroughly involved — notice the 3 happy Santas, some of the crew here. We have Keith, all around worker, and Brittney and David, pizza makers. We were preparing for the hayride wagon to come through loaded with Christmas celebrants and potential shoppers and pizza eaters!

 Keith and David made this roaring fire and put the tables and chairs around for movie watching for any of the hayride people who were interested in staying awhile. There were 2 wagons which made round trips several times during the evening.

The sun has set, and we are waiting for the folks who will sit around our fire. They'll need to cozy up to the flames, because it is cold!

 Here's a load, waiting to leave the campground. Keith and I were talked into riding into town during our shift, by our boss, so we wouldn't miss the celebration and the decorations.

And a Merry Christmas to all from these 2 Santas, sitting on a haybale in the back of the crowded wagon! What fun!

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