Monday, November 9, 2009

A Porch Project!

Whenever we know we're going to be in one place for a few months we like to put up our porch. It's a lot nicer than the standard RV steps, which can be awkward and dangerous sometimes. We store the porch, completely dismantled, in the back of BigTruk when we don't want it up. On this lovely day we had a surprise visit from our daughter and granddaughters. Keith asked Natalie if she'd help him get the boards and supports out of the truck so he could start assembling the porch. She did, and then she stuck with him throughout the whole process! Pretty good for an 8 year old!

 In this photo Mom came out and helped with the nuts and bolts, too.

 Here is the finished product! A great porch and steps for our RV!

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Randy and Pam Warner said...

Looks like a nice job on a nice day. Good pictures!