Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Fruitful Afternoon

We walked down from where we are parked, through an orchard to the Columbia River, with our granddaughter. This is the mighty Columbia, looking south toward Wenatchee from just below the Rocky Reach Dam.

Here we are looking north, towards the dam. You can barely see it in the distance. (click to enlarge) Nat is always finding sticks to pick up.

 Heading home through the orchard. There are still  lots of apples here and there, very tasty, though on the verge of getting rotten from the cold and from being on the ground. You can see our 5th wheel at the end of the pathway.

A golden treasure along with some "junk" she found in the field. She ate all these apples in one afternoon!

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Randy and Pam Warner said...

Good photos! Looks like it was a good afternoon!