Monday, February 2, 2009

Nebraska Landscapes

Nebraska is a state I did not ever think of visiting. We did come through a couple of years ago on our way from New Mexico back to South Dakota, and I was excited to see Chimney Rock off in the distance. I love reading about the Oregon Trail and the hardy pioneers who came west. We are here temporarily, out on the prairie, and since I believe in 'stopping to smell the roses' wherever we are, I've snapped some photos of scenes I've enjoyed here so far.

Growing up and spending most of my life in Washington, I saw lots of wildlife, but I never saw a turkey in the wild. It's been fun to see "rafters" of turkeys all over the Black Hills and here in the Nebraska panhandle as well. In the photo above there are a large number of turkeys who probably shelter in the bushes nearby. This is near Chadron.

I love this apparently abandoned homestead with one of the windmills we've seen scattered across the prairie. The backdrop is a sky threatening more snow with the remainder of the last snowfall in the foreground. It's a haunting scene, the abandonment made more poignant by the cold of winter.

This scene I snapped out the window of my 5th wheel. One benefit of being out on the prairie is that nothing gets in the way of a beautiful sunrise or sunset! There are no cows in this picture but the lonely watering trough tells me there will be when the weather warms up.

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Melonie said...

Beautiful pictures, and I love your commentary, as well! Although there are a LOT of perks to living down here where the winters are very mild, I really miss the cold and snow sometimes. Thanks for sharing!