Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Come, Boss!

Hey, or, Hay! There's not much to look at out on this vast Nebraska prairie, so I take my pleasure in these small opportunities! We haven't often seen cattle out our back window in this particular field, but this morning I noticed a few big reds moving at a fast pace, then I saw the tractor up on the rise. Aha! Soon there were many cattle all coming in a hurry. My title, "Come, Boss", is not appropriate because these seemed mostly to be bulls, or steers, which means they are destined for hamburger. (When I was a kid, my father always called our lone milk cows "Boss", or "Bossy").

Here they are, chowing down, with a few late arrivals still on their way. The rancher is heading back to his next chore. I suppose this feeding line only happens when there is snow on the ground. I am pleased to have been given this photo occasion, just as pleased as these critters have been to line up for their hay!


Melonie said...

What a neat view that is! I miss the midwest.

Gr S said...

Ann, you are an incredible photographer and a great writer! I love to check out your pictures and read your wisdom. Thanks for posting. -Kathi Scheibner