Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Red sky at morning

Remember the old saying, "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."? This was yesterday morning. Our temps were in the 40s but went steadily down during the day, then the snow came. By this morning it was 7 degrees with 5-6 inches of fresh snow! What a change! We are questioning why we aren't like other RVers who go south in the winter. Must be a few bricks short of a load!

Seriously, we believe that God puts us where He wants us to be. Complaining about our circumstances would show a lack of trust—a sign that we didn't really believe that He answered our prayers to be in the center of His will. It isn't always clear how He is using us, whether we are having an impact on those around us, or whether the lessons are for us personally to be used at a later date. For me, it seems our ministry right now is to some precious four-legged critters that need our attention. All of creation is God's and all stewardship and care for His living creatures is important and of eternal value. So...we get up in the morning, put on our layers of clothing and go out into the cold, hoping always to do our best for our charges, making their lives as comfortable as possible. It's fun to go into the barn or other buildings and see the look of anticipation in the kangaroos, the dogs, the llamas eyes when they see us! Food, food!! Thanks be to God for His many blessings and for His beautiful red sky at morning!


Real-life Family said...

That is such a beautiful sunrise! Ha ha about not traveling south. :D

You're so right about God putting us where He wants us to be; what a good reminder. I need that one, too.

Keep warm!

Pat Collum said...

What a beautiful picture showing God's beauty. God does put us in hard situations at times, but He definitely has a reason for each and every one.