Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't I wish I were here instead of in deep snow and minus degree temps! This picture was sent to me by my English pen friend, whom I've had for 40 years. She won an award for it. Beautiful!

But really, here we are in the Black Hills in the coldest and stormiest part, Deadwood. I love this photo of the wallabies lined up catching some rays against the building. They do fine in the snow but love the sunshine. When there is a blizzard or very cold temps they stay inside.

This last photo shows our 4 llamas waiting for their chow. They are very patient sometimes, and other times they can't wait for me to put their dishes of grain down before they stick their noses in it. It's kind of fun having a llama leaning on me with his or her head over my shoulder. They look cold, but at least they have nice, woolly coats on. Sometimes there are icicles hanging from their fur.

I am in awe that God made animals who can be outside in minus 24 degree cold. I certainly am one who can't do that for long before coming inside to warm up. We wear layers and layers of "fur" and still get so cold. But, it is beautiful out there!

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