Friday, November 7, 2008


Any of you RVers out there ever been in a blizzard in your RV? And I don't mean the kind you get at Dairy Queen. What a challenging experience—one I hope not to repeat, but since we are in the Black Hills it may happen again this winter. Blizzards make it quite miserable working outside, and dangerous, too. See what looks like a plowed area behind and beside our 5th wheel? That is what the wind did. It made a circle and piled up about 8 feet of snow in front and on the other side of our rig, as shown in the second picture. We were also encased in ice on all the windows, with icicles hanging everywhere. Today is better, very little wind, a tiny amount of new snow. God has protected us, as always, and made it possible for us to get to the animals whose care is entrusted to us. We'll be here for awhile, not going anywhere! Those wheels won't be rolling till the spring thaw!

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Real-life Family said...

Ann! Wow, how scary! When you mentioned a blizzard in your e-mail, I didn't really think about how different it would be in an RV vs. a regular home. What an experience; those pictures are really eye-opening! I am thanking the Lord for His protection over you two. He is good. You continue to be in my prayers! Love, Melonie