Sunday, August 3, 2008

Road of Life

Each of our lives is a journey—we're on the road to somewhere! The road in these pictures, the Iron Mt. Road in the Black Hills, looks a little like my life. Being alive is good, incredibly beautiful, winding, fun, perplexing, rewarding, dark, light. On this pictured road there are 3 tunnels hollowed out of the rock. Through each one, if you are headed north, you can see Mt. Rushmore framed in the exiting end of the tunnel. The architect of this road, former Senator Peter Norbeck, planned it that way. In my life I've entered some dark tunnels, not knowing where I was headed or how long it would take me to get to the other end. For me, the "light at the end of the tunnel" is not Mt. Rushmore, but it is Jesus, and His will for me. I've seen that light often enough to know it will always be there. I will come out on the other side!

Another fascinating section of this road goes in a complete circle. It does that a couple of times for no apparent reason. It looks intriguing and requires a complex, artful arrangement of logs to support it. Again, the architect of the road planned it that way. It's as though he tried to tie the road in a knot and then thought better of it. It straightens right out and goes on its way. I have often felt that my life was going 'round and 'round and for no apparent reason. But my great Architect always has a plan and He will make the crooked places straight in His good time.

I will continue on my life's road, knowing that it will always be a combination of beautiful, fresh, twisting, exciting, puzzling, fulfilling, loving, giving, exceeding abundantly all I could imagine in Jesus.

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Real-life Family said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I had no idea of the story behind those roads...and I've been to Mt. Rushmore when we lived in ND. That is so interesting!