Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A River Runs Through It

 This is the river that runs through Missoula, the Clark Fork. We're on the Caras Park walking trail and the building across the river is the old train station, very picturesque but no longer in use.

 The rivers in Montana are well known for their good fishing spots. Looks like Mr. Keith caught a big one!

 There are several trails in the city along the river. I like how they've made a walking bridge here underneath the Madison Street bridge, which leads to the University.

 I spied this lone fisherman. The spot here has the city on one side and the University on the other, but still makes a quiet fishing place. The bridge upriver is the railroad bridge.

Even a field of dandelions is beautiful!

There were lots of walkers and runners out on this sunny day. Many of them were probably college students, or maybe high school students. Folks were anxious to get out in the sunshine, as we were, since it had snowed the day before!

After walking across the Madison Street bridge and down the trail on the other side we crossed over the Higgins Street bridge to our parking spot in Caras Park. We saw two jet ski boats and, of course, there is always the "M" up on the hill. We'll try another part of the riverfront trail when the mood strikes us again!

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