Thursday, March 27, 2014


 Three weeks ago, when we arrived in Wenatchee, this orchard was pruned, but bare of blossoms. I've watched every day, eagerly awaiting the signs of eminent bloom. I know from living in the Wenatchee Valley for 22 years that the apricot and peach trees are the very first to burst out in flowers, with the promise of lots of delicious, fresh fruit. And, at last, the beauty is beginning.

 I love this old, old tree with its massive trunk. It's still flourishing. I'm not sure if these trees are apricots or peaches, though I'm guessing peaches. Time will tell!

 A close-up. Seen from a distance, the apricot and peach orchards look a gorgeous lavender.

 Our home is framed in pretty blossoms!

We found this sign leaning against the Produce Market, out back. I just like it, no other reason, though it would be really fun to work here. I can't wait for more blooms. There are big, old cherry trees behind us which will be next, then last, the apple trees on the other side of our orchard. What a beautiful place God has given us to park, through our friends Bob and Karen. We're so grateful for their generosity.

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