Thursday, September 26, 2013

Farewell to Bozeman

 It has been a wonderful summer working at the KOA in Bozeman Montana. We are sad to leave. I'm sharing a few pictures of local scenes we've looked at on our frequent trips into town. The first picture is looking south as we leave the entrance to the KOA. The fields went from the tan color of last years' crops to a lush green with crops growing, and finally, to this golden stubble, the remains of an important farming industry.

 Downtown Bozeman is beautiful, a tourists paradise. There are no abandoned or empty buildings here, just a plethora of gift stores, restaurants, clothing stores and other businesses, all inviting. We especially loved going to the used book store, where we found some treasures to give to our managers' children who were frequently seen sitting outside the KOA office reading their books.

 The Bozeman Deaconess Hospital sits in the midst of wheat fields. This place is wonderful! All the staff we met were friendly, cheerful, and always spent as much time with us as we needed. They became friends! I especially liked that they brought therapy dogs into the waiting rooms occasionally. We will miss coming here! The attitude of the nurses and doctors here is as good as the medical treatments, maybe better!

We had planned a day to leave, the 26th of September, but were up and down on that as we watched the weather report. An early snowstorm was to arrive in the mountains west of Bozeman. Should we go or should we wait one more day when the sun was predicted to shine again? This scene convinced us. We are leaving on Friday, the 27th! We figured that if there is snow in Bozeman, the Homestake Pass just east of Butte, at 7000 feet, would definitely be a dangerous drive in our 5th wheel. So...good-bye Bozeman. We have loved getting to know you, and even more, your people. We hope to return someday!

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