Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Early Morning Country Drive

 We continue to believe that the Gallatin Valley is one of the most beautiful places we've been! The landscapes are gorgeous. We wandered some back roads this morning, not knowing where we would come out, but always enjoying the mountain ranges giving us some direction.

 This was an interesting junk yard filled with vintage autos and trucks, horse trailers, tractors and other puzzling hunks of old, rusty machinery. The car body on the ancient truck had a price on it — $1200!

 When we looked for a side road on the west side of the Gallatin Highway to explore we found one called the Axtell Road. It led to the Gallatin River with this old, one-lane bridge with a board floor. Of course we had to cross it!

What a gorgeous, blue, calm river the Gallatin is, at least here. Looks like a great place to catch some fish! The Gallatin flows from Yellowstone and disappears into the mighty Missouri River to the north at Three Forks. There is always something beautiful to stir the senses in the Gallatin Valley!


Char Hardt said...

Great pictures, Ann!

Karin Sanford said...

Hi Ann, I really like the Gallatin River photo and would like to use it for a website my ad agency is creating for a builder in Three Forks. It's the peaceful river photo. Is that possible? Our budget is $50. Please let me know! Thanks, Karin Sanford. My email address is: