Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Capitol Day!

Something we've been wanting to do since we've been in Cheyenne is to visit the inside of the State Capitol. We had a chance to do that on Monday in between work and Keith's doctor visit. The blue ribbon on the outside of the building is for prostate cancer, I discovered.

This is looking straight up to the gold plated dome. The Wyoming State Capitol was constructed in 1886, in the style of the National Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

The Wyoming State Mammal is the American Bison. This beautiful specimen stands in the lobby. In life, he weighed 3000 pounds and is the third largest bison on record.

The House of Representatives. I love the carpet and wall colors.

When we stepped outside the back entrance to the Capitol we saw the modern government building with this reflection of the stately dome in the windows. 

The well-known symbol of Wyoming, the Cowboy State, is this bucking bronco sculpture, named the "Spirit of Wyoming", proudly displayed on the Capitol grounds. The light wasn't good for this photo, but you can get an idea how it looks.

Still with time to kill, and a bag of old bread in the trunk, we decided to go up to Lion's Park to feed the ducks. This is the park that includes the rodeo grounds where Frontier Days is held each year. We expected to feed the Canada Geese but there weren't any there, only a lone white goose amidst the mallard ducks.

The Botanical Gardens are right next to the little lake, and it is incredibly beautiful there. The first time we visited, in early May, nothing was planted. At this time of year, September, the displays are just a little past their prime, but still lovely.

The bridge passes over a small lagoon filled with pond lilies.


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