Monday, August 27, 2012

A Wyoming Country Drive

 A drive out in the country — no specific destination — just what we needed! We headed east, choosing our usual back roads. I didn't know there were any fields of sunflowers around here so was surprised and thrilled to find these. What could be more beautiful? The flowers' faces were pointed right at us!

 I love finding old, abandoned homesteads out on the prairie. It always makes me wonder why the residents left, and what their lives were like when they lived out here. It must have been a lonely place for them. This scene was near a tiny town named Hillsdale, around which were no hills, only almost flat prairie! Wishful thinking, maybe? And what did they do to make a living? Farming? Crops? Ranching? Cattle or sheep? Questions, questions!

 I love the way the wild sunflowers grow all along the roads for miles, here framing this house with its strange looking tower near Albin, Wyoming. We wondered why the skinny little house was built up so high. My first thought was a high-rise outhouse, but Mr. Keith thought it might be a well house. We didn't see anyone we could ask. Right near here, too, we drove a couple of extra miles to cross the Nebraska border, just because we could!

 For fun — we wondered if the old, rusty truck was actually the one that pulled this equally old and rusty mobile home into this field. They looked as though they'd both been there for quite awhile.

I love to take photos of horses out in their fields. I wondered about the sway-backed, thin horse, but the other two were fat and frisky (see that flying tail?) so horse number 3 must have been an elderly lady. It was a simple drive, but there is always something worth seeing and photographing. We have an awesome country, with great variety of scenery and other fascinating sights. Gotta keep the old camera handy!

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