Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beauty All Around.

 I haven't blogged for awhile. We've been preoccupied with Mr. Keith's diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow, blood and bones. The treatment we've undertaken is aggressive and should produce good results. He spent 5 days in hospital and this was his view! The Wyoming State Capitol. The gold leaf on the dome really shines out. The platform in the forefront of the photo is where the helicopters land. Keith was lucky enough to be able to see one land while he was there, right outside his window!

 Traveling around, sight-seeing, has been a little delayed, but we did take a short ride yesterday on the outskirts of Cheyenne. This is a reservoir on the Wyoming Hereford Ranch. I think that is some kind of white egret or heron in the center. I didn't get a close enough view to be sure. Maybe one of my bird watching blogging buddies can help me out! Click to enlarge.

 And here is a fairly common sight around Cheyenne, horses. The little colt is having a drink from mom. Everything on the prairie is greening up and it is quite beautiful.

Hmmm! An interesting sight in the downtown! This is a recycling plant. There are many sights to see in the city. We saw an old brick house with beautiful flowers and bushes and trees in the front yard, as well as a white-haired lady bending over pulling weeds. We stopped, rolled down our window, and complimented her on her work. She was pleased, and told us to come back next week when she had it all done. Gotta appreciate beauty where you can find it!

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Forry and Char said...

We've had you and Keith in our prayers a lot!
I think your picture may actually show an American White Pelican from what I can see of the bill.