Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Random Ride

 I love the contrast between this freshly planted field of winter wheat, I'm guessing, and the just-bailed hay right next to it. This scene is immediately at the edge of Strasburg. There are still fields of sunflowers around at this time of year, too, very dried up and awaiting harvest. Today we passed fields that were being plowed and disced, being readied for who knows what crop.
 We see an abundance of horses on every country drive we take. I liked these spotted ponies, who seemed to be interested in us, too. Ponies and prairie dogs seem to go together! We stopped to watch the doggies today, but they scampered away and wouldn't come back as long as we were there. It would take a lot of patience and waiting to assure them we are harmless.
The prairie is flat and treeless almost everywhere, except where there is a dry creek bed. We've never seen water in these beds, but there are always lush trees growing for miles along them. Maybe there is water under the surface. Notice the sign warning of possible high water. I wonder when that happens? We enjoyed our random ride in the country today.

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Doug said...

Great pictures and sounds like a very nice day.