Sunday, July 17, 2011


 I'd never been canoeing before in my life, but since using the canoes at this campground is one of the perks of working here, we decided to do it. I've always had a trepidation about being out on a big body of water, but I conquered my fear and off we went. Mr. Keith wanted to go out on the main part of the Lake, so we did, real scary for me. Hey, Mr. Keith, I wanna go back now!! The rest of our journey was going up Wolf Lodge Creek, a pretty substantial creek that feeds into Lake Coeur d'Alene right by our campground. It is a deep, calm creek. I sat in the front of the boat and "steered" with my paddle. I learned to paddle on the right if we wanted to go left, and on the left if we needed to go right. I only bumped us up against the reeds a couple of times! Mr. Keith was in the back with his paddle, helping to make up for my goofs.

 The light wasn't quite right for a great photo, but it was sure exciting to see these two eagles watching us, and watching for fish or other critters to swoop down upon. The creek and lagoon are a haven for birds and small animals.

I don't know what this strange edifice used to be. It's in ruins now. This was our turning around place. I will have sore muscles tomorrow, and maybe a little sunburn, but I survived my first canoe ride! We will do this again!

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Forry and Char said...

Good for you, Ann. I always get nervous getting in and out of a canoe, but really enjoy it once I get out on the water. We've not done it for a while -- we gave our canoe to one of the kids when we started fulltiming...