Friday, January 28, 2011

Divine Appointments!

 Our faithful little Focus surely gets some hard use from us as we go adventuring around the country. On this day we set out early for Boulder, Colorado, planning to spend the day. We were innocently traveling down a country highway when we hit something that made a loud bang under our car. We immediately lost power and coasted to a stop in a wide spot by a little farm. As I spent time on the phone talking with someone from our Good Sam Emergency Road Service, 3 ladies came out of the house, helped Mr. Keith push the Focus a little further off the road, and then kept us company for the hour that we waited. One was 9 months pregnant, and we really enjoyed hearing about her life, her schooling, and her hopes for the future. We said we'd pray for her, for a safe delivery of her baby. We got hugs from her.

 In due time the tow truck driver arrived. He put the Focus up a little on his truck and then began to look underneath the car and under the hood, trying different things to see if he could fix anything. We were amazed at his determination to save us some money! He was a gruff, biker type with skulls on his vest and across the back of his truck, but we talked about God and had a wonderful time with him! He did finally find a little switch that reset the fuel pump, and it worked! That's all there was to it! We were back on 4 wheels with our motor purring nicely, just like it was supposed to! We all hugged good-bye and the tow truck driver, John, followed us for several miles to make sure we were okay, then he left us as we headed on to Boulder for the short time we had left.

 I am always amazed at how beautiful the Rockies look from out on the prairie. I wish I knew the name of this peak. There are many that reach the 14,000 foot mark. This was our view as we got nearer to Boulder.

Boulder deserves another visit from us, one that begins earlier in the day, as we had intended. We had time to find an Arby's, wolf down our food, and then go up into the hills a little way to see the view. My pictures are few and not good. This is a view of the University district from an overlook. All the buildings were red brick. The whole town was gorgeous, with the Rockies right there at the edge of the town. We will go back and I'll have some good photos to blog about.

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