Monday, October 5, 2009


Home at last! The Wenatchee River County Park is one of the most beautiful parks we've stayed in. The layout is quite different, too. The sites are arranged in 4 wheel-like circles with 10 spokes in each. The distance between RVs is about right, not close to each other. Add to that some lovely, old trees, now turning color, and a calm, pretty river right along the park edge. We love it here!

Here we are—in a perfect parking spot!

We took this photo from a new road leading up to Fancher Heights, a housing area high above East Wenatchee. You can see the Sunset Highway right below, then the Columbia River (talk about "a river runs through it!) and across the way, looking west towards Cashmere, is where the Wenatchee River merges with the Columbia. We need a panoramic shot to see the magnificence of the whole valley.
(Click to enlarge)

To me, even more beautiful than the Wenatchee Valley, is this shot of my daughter with one of her pet chickens. What could be more delightful than being reunited with one's family, the best part of coming home!

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