Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stumps to Bears

After listening to a chain saw for awhile we looked out of our window to see what was happening. The park recently had to cut down a ponderosa pine that had gotten diseased. They left a 4 foot stump and I wondered why they didn't put a potted plant on top to make it look nicer. Now I know why. A chain saw artist had been hired to transform the stump into a work of art.
I wish now I had been there from the beginning, to see him cut away everything that didn't look like a bear. He used a blow-torch to blacken parts of the bear and then smoothed it out.
Looking good!
The finished product, with a solar lamp for the overnight RV guests lucky enough to get this spot.

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Forry and Char said...

Hi Ann -- That bear brings back memories! When we were in Dulzura with MDS earlier this year, we helped build a house for a young mentally disadvantaged young man. He wouldn't let the clean up crews completely take down four or five of the burned pines around his house. They left stumps four to five feet high, then a friend of his carved them all into bears (one was a baseball player complete with bat!).