Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little things

It's my philosophy to always look for small wonders to enjoy in the midst of the big things going on in my life. Right now the big thing is trying to learn the workings of the KOA, the computer program, the dynamics of the park, etc. All that can be overwhelming, but God, as usual, gives me many glimpses of His creation to enjoy. This picture is an example of the park's wildlife. (Not to say there won't be some human wildlife, too, as the season progresses!) There are many squirrels running around, up and down the trees right outside our rig, and balancing themselves as they run across the street on the overhead power lines. What comical little creatures they are, and beautiful, too.

Now that we're settled in our new place, we plan to take some trips around the area and I'll be able to post some pictures. For now, I"m content to watch the squirrels!

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Forry and Char said...

Glad to see your blog. I've wondered how things were going for you at KOA.