Friday, April 10, 2009

Missoula at Last!

One last picture of our rig going down the highway. We won't be doing this again for at least 5 months. This is about 30 miles from Missoula, on the home stretch.

This is our spot for the next 5 months, a beautiful spot with big shade trees. We already love it here! Notice the KOA sign. We are right at the entrance, in the workampers' row.


Bob and Sharon....Rving Millers said...

Ann, glad you arrived safely. Enjoy your new workamper assignments. Happy Easter and God Bless.

Gr S said...

I've been puzzled by how you get the pictures of your "home" from the back going down the road... Are you following in another car?
I enjoy your posts a lot!
-Kathi Scheibner

Ann said...

Hi Kathi, yes, I drive our Focus behind the 5th wheel. We use it for almost all our driving around once we get parked. Our BigTruk, an F-450 diesel, would be too expensive to use for sightseeing, etc. Thanks for reading my posts!