Monday, January 12, 2009

From Roos to Music

It's been awhile since I posted, so I got out my camera today to see what I could find. Bennett's wallabies are eating their twice weekly piece of wheat bread. They love it and get so excited when they see me starting to pass out each piece. Also partly in the picture is a big eastern grey kangaroo who loves being with the little wallabies more than with his own kind. He's standing by an albino Bennett's wallaby. These guys are from a part of Australia where there is snow, so they spend a fair amount of time outside in the Black Hills snow. The kangaroos, however, are from the desert, so they don't like to be out for long. During a blizzard, falling snow, or heavy wind, we lock them inside so they will keep warm. I'm guessing they get a little bored when they have to stay inside during bad weather.

Here we have Sunnyburst, the dominant male eastern grey. He and some of his "mob" are eating fresh hay just thrown into their pen. These ladies are wallaroos, who share his pen along with 3 female eastern greys. Sunnyburst is the only "boomer" that I don't like to get too close to. He will challenge anyone to protect his mob. When he stands up he is my height!

On a completely different "note", here is what I like to do when I'm not out feeding, watering, and cleaning up after the roos and other exotics.

I am so fortunate to have a "music room" in my 5th wheel! My Yamaha digital piano fits so neatly into one of our slideouts, with room for a couple of file cabinets for music, and also room for Keith's guitar. What a pleasure to sit there in my spare time and pour out my feelings in my music. There is snow outside, and wind, but I can forget it when my fingers are playing Chopin or some other favorite composer, my new book "Fiddler on the Roof", or some of my many fancy hymn arrangements. I think about my "real" piano, a wonderful upright Yamaha, stored in a church in my hometown, and wonder if I might ever have it again to play on. My digital Yamaha is a good substitute and I am grateful to have it.

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Real-life Family said...

So good to hear from you again! I enjoyed the pictures of your furry friends, and also the picture and commentary about your piano playing. I understand about pouring out feelings in music, and I wish I were more disciplined to make time to play more often than I do, which has not been too frequently as of late! When I do play, I love it and wonder why I don't do it every day. :)

Anyway, thank you for the pictures and the interesting animal tidbits, and the inspiration to play again!