Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girls on Vacation!

The highlight of our summer here at Bear Country was the visit of our 2 daughters and 2 grand daughters from Washington. We waited eagerly for weeks, sent brochures, gave travel advice and talked about what we'd do. The girls finally arrived, pitched their tent beside our RV, and our fun began. The best part was just visiting, but we also saw Mt. Rushmore and attended a church service there just under the noses of the 4 presidents. We toured Custer State Park where we were treated to the fascinating sight of about 200 buffalo on the road. Traffic was nearly at a standstill while we waited for these huge, majestic creatures to meander on their way. I noticed some very nervous motorcyclists ahead of us trying to keep out of the path of the giants! Crazy Horse Monument was next. It's amazing to see what has been done there and what will be done before the monument is completed. The 4 heads on Mt. Rushmore would completely fit into just the head of Crazy Horse. During the girls' stay we also went to Bear Country twice, Old MacDonald's Farm, Fort Hays Chuckwagon Supper and Show, Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns, and Storybook Island. Boy, were we tired! That was a lot of "going" for 2 old coots like us! It all came to an end after 5 days. We parted sadly, the girls setting out on the trip home, and Keith and I back to work. The blessings of happy times with family are about the best treats we can have. Thanks be to God Who invented families!


Real-life Family said...

Praise God! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time together. While it's hard when we don't live near our family members, I think we appreciate the time we have with them even more than we would otherwise. :) Glad you got to make all those fun memories together!

KyrieEleison said...

Hi Ann! This is Crystal from back in your piano-teaching days. :-) I just found your blog and I really like it - it's great to see what you're up to now and everything! Sounds like you guys are having a good time, and that's great that you got to spend some time with your family.

I'll definitely be checking out your blog some more in the future. Say hi to Keith for me!


Ann said...

Thanks, both of you! It is so neat to hear from you and hopefully to stay in contact. Crystal, I hear a little about you from Jessi, since Melinda is her best friend.
Melonie, my oldest granddaughter didn't talk till she was over 2. Then it was nonstop!